Can Coolies

Bachelorette Party

What a great weekend !!! I went to my best friend’s Bachelorette party we had such a blast…

There were so many games and drinks that we played!  The coolest thing that she had as party favors where these can coolies that had her name and an awsome picture on it .. It was so convenient to hold my beer and gave me a great idea for my husband’s birthday party I thought how cool would it be to custom order a green coolie and write Happy Birthday Babe ! on the coolie. I asked my best friend if I had to order alot of them because usually that is the case with theses things. She actually told me that there was a great website that she ordered from that had amazing customer service and no minimum order quantity. I was soo excited and checked that website out as soon as I got home which was and made an order for 50 foam coolies last night! So great Weekend and got some stuff done too!!!

Bachelorette Party

Great party and great Coolies

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