Camo Koozies

Cover It Up – So They DO NOT See You Coming

People ask me why I like to keep it covered.  Folks, the answer is simple – camo koozies allow you to keep your beer covered and that way, your enemy (or your party guests) do not see you coming.  This is a very important task. If you are not careful, people can see you coming and then – your beer may be stolen.

However, there is a down fall to a camo koozie instead of say a lime green koozie.  At a party, if you have a camo koozie covering your precious cargo (aka beer) and you have it set in a precarious position, say on top of a shelf… then it may just be knocked of.  Our camo koozies at the OBC are just that good – if you dont want them to see you coming, they want with a camo koozie from the OBC!

Woodland Camo For Your Koozie

Woodland Camo For Your Koozie

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