Bridesmaid koozies

My Best Friends Wedding

It was June 15 and my best friends wedding had drawn to an end. I looked back at all the crazy preparations that we had done and was so happy to see that everything couldn’t have worked out better than it did. Looking back I think my favorite part was being a bridesmaid. It was so nice to be a part of all the preparations and Katie my best friend really went out of her way to make us feel special too. One thing that I absolutely loved was the Koozies she gotten for us. They were pink and made my beer look that much cuter and my hands feel that much better! I also really loved that she had personalized them for us with her wedding details. That way every time I had a beer in my Koozie I would think of the wonderful wedding that my best friend had.

Bridesmaid Koozie

Bridesmaid Koozie

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