Bottle Beer Coolie

Why YOU Should Always use a Coolie

Tailgating at the USF Bulls game a few weeks ago, my friend “a Rookie” didn’t know the importance of having a coolie for his beer. His bottles just kept sweating away the frost. By the middle of the beer it was already WARM. Yuck, I said as I handed him a bottle Beer Cooler. “Take this, and your sweating problem will go away…..Well, at least for your beer, can’t say the same about you!”, I told him. The Coolies became a HUGE hit! I had made a minimum purchase with Online Beer Coolers last football season for my buddies and still had a few left over, so I handed them out to the rookies. Now everyone wants to buy coolies for their tailgating parties.

MY COOLIES WERE A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
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