Online Beer Coolers Has A New Koozie Look

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Homepage Koozie Look So Online Beer Coolers, also known as the OBC, has a new home page look.  Do you like it?  We hope so.  OBC runs thousands of tests and surveys each year to gather data to create a …


Buy Personalized Koozies

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Where can I Buy Personalized Koozies Well folks, you are in luck.  You are looking at a page that will tell you all about buying Personalized Koozies. Koozies are great, matter of fact, they are AWESOME. Nevertheless, they are even …


California Koozies

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Surfs Up – Buy Your California Custom Koozies Today California – the biggest state! Does this make it the best state!  I am sure some think so.  But dont look now – California Koozies are in style.  Buy your Custom …


Wild NFL Weekend – Cam Newton Rookie of the Year?

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Cam Newton Rookie Of The Year I know that only about 6% of the NFL season is complete – but I am ready (as a fan) to give the rookie of the year award to Cam Newton.  Are you kidding …


Save energy wearing shorts and sandals, and your Coozie

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Japan is a country in which the weather does not help the people. When is winter you need to turn on the heating, when is it summer you need turn the air condition because is too hot. So, the government …


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