Personalized Koozies For Winter

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When Should I Buy Personalized Koozies? The million dollar question huh?  You know, people often assume Koozies are to keep the beer cold – well folks I have news for you – Koozies also help keep your hand warm.  Lets …


OBC Equals Koozies

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Koozies Are Back and Better than Ever at the OBC The OBC is back and better than ever. We are climbing the search engine ranks and making our way to number 1. Why does OBC want to be the number  1 …


Hank Williams Gone From Monday Night Football?

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Hank Williams Might Have Sung His Last Song So if you have not heard, Hank Williams might have sung his last song.  Hank is in need of a cold beer and a personalized koozie.  You see Hank did something pretty …


Dancing With The Stars

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Bono and Grace Man, this Dancing with the Stars is getting out of control.  You have Bono on one side who had a sex change operation and on the other side you have Nancy Grace, wearing things that she should …


New Online Bid Site – Too Good To Be True

27 Sep 2011~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments So, this new online site (similiar to called is offering unbelievable deals on products that almost sound to good to be true. They are doing a major marketing push to gain traffic… There alexa rank is up at …


Collapsible Fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
Water Bottle Koozies