Beer koozies for weddings

Brilliant Idea for My Wedding 

As time goes by I keep getting more and more nervous about all the things I still have left to do for my wedding. It is my big day so naturally I want everything to be perfect. Fl0wers are ordered and cake has been ordered but I have still been racking my brain for ideas as take home souvenir’s from the wedding…I really wanted to do something original and I first thought about doing coasters since the tables would be wooden. As I started thinking more about it I realized the coasters would probably just get ruined and nobody would ever use them again. Then the other day I came across a website called which had personalized beer coolers. I was so excited that I found the perfect take home gift for my wedding. Not only would I be able to preserve the gorgeous wooden table but it is also a gift my friends and family could use over and over again! My next dilemma would be what I want printed on them I knew what I wanted for the design but couldn’t figure out a good saying. Searching around this website I actually found a section called Wedding Koozie Sayings  where I found the perfect slogan for my wedding! (To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold) Now the only thing left is to order them get them and get married!

Beer Koozie for my Wedding

Beer Koozie for my Wedding

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