Anti-Icing Measures using a Koozie

So as I’m sure you all know icing is sweeping the nation. I hadn’t heard of this ridiculous game before my buddy first sent me the link, then 3 hours later proceeded to come to my house and get me. At first I thought this was the lamest thing I had ever heard of… but bro let me tell you this shit gets under your skin! In the course of about a week our entire crew of guys was carrying around Smirnoffs in our back pockets. Some marketing genius really hit the jackpot with this one!

Ice sans Koozie

Anyway, I came to a brilliant plan as to how to both fend off an icing attack or to do a top secret assault – you guessed it, the koozie. ¬†Where I come (upstate NY) ¬†from they’re called cozies, but all these southern boys at my college have told me koozie is the preferred nomenclature. So all you have to do is carry a koozie, particularly in a party setting, and the unsuspecting victim has no idea you’re about to ice his ass!

Try it out! Of course you can’t be doing it all over the place, but a nice prevention technique / new element to your Arsenal.

Ice on!

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