Bridesmaid koozies

My Best Friends Wedding

It was June 15 and my best friends wedding had drawn to an end. I looked back at all the crazy preparations that we had done and was so happy to see that everything couldn’t have worked out better than it did. Looking back I think my favorite part was being a bridesmaid. It was so nice to be a part of all the preparations and Katie my best friend really went out of her way to make us feel special too. One thing that I absolutely loved was the Koozies she gotten for us. They were pink and made my beer look that much cuter and my hands feel that much better! I also really loved that she had personalized them for us with her wedding details. That way every time I had a beer in my Koozie I would think of the wonderful wedding that my best friend had.

Bridesmaid Koozie

Bridesmaid Koozie

Custom beer huggies


Saturday night and my freinds and I were ready for a night out on the town! As we headed out to a local party I knew we were going to have a great night. Arriving at the party we all took a beer and headed out on the dance floor. Then I had noticed that everyone had these beer huggies that kept their beer cold and didn’t make their hands all wet. After seeing everyone holding their beer in the their beer huggies I knew I had to have one too… so I went and got myself a black beer huggie. After the party was over my friends and I took a cab home and as I sat their starring at my beer huggie I realized that they had personalized it for the party. I thought what a brilliant idea this was and new I would have to do this if I ever threw a big party myslef.


Beer Huggies


Wedding Koozie Designs

What to Choose

Weddings are always such a crazy time. Rushing to get things done and making sure that everything you ordered turns out perfect. Since we had the idea of ordereing Koozies for our wedding the only thing left to do was to figure out exactly what kind we wanted to order and what we wanted them to say.  We thought about doing a black koozie with white ink but then decided that was too predictable and we wanted something more fun and out of the ordinary. And then after giving it much thought we finally decided to make the koozies pink which would match the color of the brid

My Pink Koozie

My Pink Koozie

es maid dresses. We also thought it would be cool to get a picture of us actually printed on them and now when everyone would drink their beer they would always think of us and the amazing time they had at our great wedding!

Cheap Personalized Wedding Koozies

Wedding Favors 

Two months left until my brother’s wedding! Cake has been ordered and the hall has been rented. The next task at hand was to find a cheap wedding favor for all the guests to take home. Since my brother and his Fiancé love beer I thought of maybe ordering Personalized Beer Kooziez and maybe even putting a picture of them on it. This way everyone can have a take home souvenir that they would be able to use time and time again! Since my brother and his Fiancé were both quite fond of the idea the next step was to find the Koozies at a cheap price. The other thing would be to find a place that has no minimum order  for the wedding is only going to have 25 people. So as I did my research online I found this great little website called which had everything I was looking for. Yay for me and Yay for the wedding favors.

Wedding Koozie Party Favors

Wedding koozie ideas

My Fantastic Idea

Being a wedding planner I come across strange and unusual requests all the time. However this request given by my current bride Julia was very fun and something I would have never thought of doing before. She told me she wanted me to order Personalized Beer Koozies for the guests as party favors. As I started looking into different kinds of Kooziez I knew I wanted something original and not too tacky. That is when I stumbled upon my brilliant idea of making Black Kooziez with white and gray ink design in the form of a tux and wedding dress. And on the back it would have a picture of The bride and Groom with the specifications of the wedding. Once I ordered them and saw a sample of what they would look like I knew that Julia would be one of the happiest brides ever for they would be the best wedding take home favor that her family and friends have ever seen.

Tux and Wedding Dress Koozies

Tux and Wedding Dress Koozies

Foam Beer Koozies

Best Birthday Bash

The Royal Blue Foam Koozie

The Royal Blue Foam Koozie

This year it was my turn to throw PaPa an amazing Birthday Bash and I had just the place. Since my PaPa is the King of Beer I had a great idea to throw him his birthday at the Old Town Brewery. I wanted this year to be really special since it was his 60th Birthday. I had invited all his old time buddies and of course the whole family. But I also wanted everyone to have a take home memory of the event. I remeber my friend Paul was always talking about Koozies and I always wanted to find out what it was. So I went on line typed in What is a Koozie? and found a website that actually makes Custom Koozies. When I saw this option I got soo excited I knew this would be the perfect take home gift for the party. I know all PaPa’s Buddies have some really cool Foam Koozie that they use all the time. So I finally placed the order for 100 Royal Blue Foam Kooziez for the big Bash. As it turns out the Bash was a Huge Success and everybody loved their Koozie take home gift.

Foam Beer Koozies

Where it all Began!

Before Neoprene and Fabric koozies the only koozie option available was Foam Koozies. They are most definitely considered the grandfather of all koozies. This koozie style last for a long time and printing your custom design on them always comes out looking fantastic. Today, foam koozies are not used as much as the new style koozies but are still very popular, it’s just the competition has gotten so strong.

Foam koozies are about 1/2 an inch thick and are not collapsible. They do however have great insulation. Here at the OBC foam beer koozies will always have a place in our hearts. Personally, they’re my fav!!!!!! Just because when they’re printed on they always look so clean and crisp!



Wedding beer koozies

Wedding + Beer = Koozies


My best friend is getting married in June and as the maid of honor I am in charge of  planning the wedding. I wanted to have koozies made for the wedding. I searched the internet and found They had a lot of really super cute koozie design samples on the website. They’re a lot of Wedding Koozie Sayings. I found one that I LOVED. 

I created the custom koozie just for them. I chose the saying “To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Beer Cold”. I then selected an image from their art gallery (I chose a stick figure couple). At the bottom of the koozie I had their names and wedding date printed.  When it came to picking the koozie color I went with a blue koozie with white ink,  those were the wedding colors.

I just had to give myself a pat on the back for that one! My friend are going to be stoked!

I now announce you koozie and wife!


Beer koozies for weddings

Brilliant Idea for My Wedding 

As time goes by I keep getting more and more nervous about all the things I still have left to do for my wedding. It is my big day so naturally I want everything to be perfect. Fl0wers are ordered and cake has been ordered but I have still been racking my brain for ideas as take home souvenir’s from the wedding…I really wanted to do something original and I first thought about doing coasters since the tables would be wooden. As I started thinking more about it I realized the coasters would probably just get ruined and nobody would ever use them again. Then the other day I came across a website called which had personalized beer coolers. I was so excited that I found the perfect take home gift for my wedding. Not only would I be able to preserve the gorgeous wooden table but it is also a gift my friends and family could use over and over again! My next dilemma would be what I want printed on them I knew what I wanted for the design but couldn’t figure out a good saying. Searching around this website I actually found a section called Wedding Koozie Sayings  where I found the perfect slogan for my wedding! (To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold) Now the only thing left is to order them get them and get married!

Beer Koozie for my Wedding

Beer Koozie for my Wedding

Cheap Beer Koozies

Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Order Your’s Today!!

Beer Koozies are CHEAP when you order from the OBC!!!

We have the largest variety of koozie styles offered on the web. If you have a koozie style in mind that isn’t on the website, help is just a phone call/email away!! We work with a variety of printers through out the U.S. to insure your custom koozies your really personalized for you; by you!

Beer Koozies are just one of the many styles available. We also have koozies for glass bottles and water bottles. Water bottle koozies are becoming a big hit with athletes. They like the fact that the water keeps cold in the neoprene style.  They also come with a clasp to hook it on anywhere, so if you’re running you can run with your water close by.

When koozies are cheap you can buy any style, doesn’t have to be just beer koozies!

"Da Bears!!!!" made into a koozie

"Da Bears!!!!" made into a koozie