Beer Coolies

Cool, Cooler, Coolies!!

After a long walk during a cool Florida evening, I couldn’t feel my fingers. When I got into the house all I wanted to do was have a beer in front of the fire to warm myself up. As you can see I had a dilemma, how do I drink a cool beer with cooler fingers infront of a hot fire that will melt me chilled beer. 

The light went off in my head, a  BEER COOLIE will solve my problem! I ran to the kitchen and picked up the coolie I got from my friend Mike’s Surprise party last year. His wife had bought them from Online Beer Coolers.  The coolies are neoprene and john deere green, the best quality out there.   The coolie did the job, my fingers warmed up by the fire and my beer stayed cool! What a wonderful winter evening by the fire!!!!