Belinda’s First Day

Belinda just joined the Koozie team and is working in the art department.  She is a Panamanian national that loves graphic design, learning English and selling custom koozies.  She has a background working in web companies and loves assisting customers around the world.

Please welcome Belinda to our team!

Belinda at working on custom koozies

Belinda at working on custom koozies

Sarah Joins The OBC Koozie Family

Expanding the Koozie Team

Just recently, the OBC was proud to welcome the newest member to our Koozie Team – Sarah!  Besides being really nice and great at customer service – she loves koozies just as much as we do…

Sarah is originally from florida and loves to surf.  She also has a great husband is a mixed martial artist champion.  She will be mainly working with new customers and on design projects.  She will be working out of our office monday – friday and over the weekend from her home office.

So please everyone be nice and patient to Sarah as she learns the ropes from us and the rest of the custom koozie team.

A Sarah - just not our Sarah of our koozie team

A Sarah - just not our Sarah of our koozie team

Personalized Koozies For Winter

When Should I Buy Personalized Koozies?

The million dollar question huh?  You know, people often assume Koozies are to keep the beer cold – well folks I have news for you – Koozies also help keep your hand warm.  Lets say you are sitting around a BBQ on a cold fall day – You have your gloves off so you can cook, add charcoal, or whatever – and you reach to pick up you beer – yep – not good – warm hand on a cold beer in the middle of a dark fall night – No fun… So the answer to the age old question is a simple one.  Beer Koozies, are for every day, every climate, every hour.

Trust me – having a handy beer koozie is a nice thing to have whenever, wherever, whatever the beer might bring.

Whether you are ready to watch Brandon Marshall on a Monday night game or you are ready to host a wedding – personalized koozies are your answer.

Brandon Marshall Screaming for a Koozie

Brandon Marshall Screaming for a Koozie

OBC Equals Koozies

Koozies Are Back and Better than Ever at the OBC

The OBC is back and better than ever. We are climbing the search engine ranks and making our way to number 1. Why does OBC want to be the number  1 koozie site – that is simple – we know a few things about ourselves.

1. We have the best product. Hands down our American made and printed custom koozies are the best on the market – that is why we have a money back guarantee – we are that confident.

2. We have the best service. Call Sophia she is the best service coordinator in the Koozie industry. Jack is the best designer in the Koozie industry. Dave is the best manager in the koozie industry – what m

Hank Williams Gone From Monday Night Football?

Hank Williams Might Have Sung His Last Song

So if you have not heard, Hank Williams might have sung his last song.  Hank is in need of a cold beer and a personalized koozie.  You see Hank did something pretty dumb.  He got on Fox and Friends and compared our current president – Barak Obama – to quiet possibly the most vile man in the history of the planet – Hitler.

I am not sure if Williams is a confused racist or just dumb. Now, I like Hank, and I love his music but I do not agree with a comparison of Hitler to Obama.  That is just a little over the edge.  Now the singer of a Country Boy Can Survive may not survive…See video below

Hank Williams Singing about Personalized Koozies


Well, Hank – it might be time to take your foot out of your mouth.  With that said, I do not think Hank is racist – he is endorsing Herman Cain for President – which makes it a little hard to be racist – So Hank – think before you speak.