Dancing With The Stars

Bono and Grace

Man, this Dancing with the Stars is getting out of control.  You have Bono on one side who had a sex change operation and on the other side you have Nancy Grace, wearing things that she should not frankly wear.  If you watch the Daily Show today you can see a good mockery of Grace and Fox News… you can check out the episode here, it is the 3rd clip, Daily Show.

Now, I am not one to ridicule our media, nor am I one to ridicule our society – nevertheless, I think it is going to be funny one day when future generations study our shows to see who we – the United States of America was in 2011… I mean, think about it… We drink beer out of koozies, we watch a transgender woman (nothing wrong with this by the way), compete against a legal analysis who is tough on every crime (especially child pornography) have a dance off where her nipple slips out…

That is all I can say about that!

Nancy Grace looking for nipples and Koozies

Nancy Grace looking for nipples and Koozies

New Online Bid Site – Too Good To Be True


So, this new online site (similiar to ebay.com) called quibids.com is offering unbelievable deals on products that almost sound to good to be true. They are doing a major marketing push to gain traffic… There alexa rank is up at 2500; which is not bad but it is definilty not the traffic that sites like ebay.com score.

I am not sure exactly how it works, how they make money, or if the deals really do come through – but buying an ipad for 11 dollars does sound to good to be true.  I am going to sign up for an account to see if they are the real deal, I might even off them some free custom koozies to see if I can get some credit at their site.

I am going to try the site out for a month or so and then see if I can score a deal or two.  I will report back to you all later.

Quibids.com might need some custom koozies

Quibids.com might need some custom koozies

Online Beer Coolers Has A New Koozie Look

Homepage Koozie Look

So Online Beer Coolers, also known as the OBC, has a new home page look.  Do you like it?  We hope so.  OBC runs thousands of tests and surveys each year to gather data to create a better koozie center.

Koozies are for everyone and we want to create a site that you can enjoy.  Buy your koozies from OBC and you will be a happy customer.  If not, you will get your money back and guess what, you get to keep your koozies.

OBC is for everyone, come join the new way to order Koozies.

Buy Personalized Koozies

Where can I Buy Personalized Koozies

Well folks, you are in luck.  You are looking at a page that will tell you all about buying Personalized Koozies. Koozies are great, matter of fact, they are AWESOME. Nevertheless, they are even better when you buy a koozie that is personalized. Personalized Koozies come in various styles, colors, and can be printed in various ways.

Many people like the most common option, which is screen printed. Screen printed koozies are generally printed in one color (although, it is possible to print them in multi-colors as well) and are usually personalized with an image and or text and or both.

Personalized Koozies are perfect for all types of people and parties. Many business man buy their koozies for promotional items and or to keep their image, logo, brand in front of the customer.  Many brides buy their koozies as wedding favors.  Many host buy their koozies not only to keep the beer cold at the party but to remind the guests of their special day.

Koozies rock – bottom line!  However, when you personalize your koozie, you add a twist that everyone will love.  In today’s world with 7 billion people – having a personalized item gives you a nice touch!

Buy Personalized Koozies

Buy Personalized Koozies


California Koozies

Surfs Up – Buy Your California Custom Koozies Today

California – the biggest state!

Does this make it the best state!  I am sure some think so.  But dont look now – California Koozies are in style.  Buy your Custom Koozies today.  What would a good Cali Kid say on his custom koozie well that is up to them.  I think a lot would depend on where you are located in Cali and what are your hobbies.  Are you from the North, South, East or West Part of Cali.  Do you like water sports or field sports. Do you like surf and sand or cars and bikes. Whatever you may like – you can have your koozie however you want it.


Wild NFL Weekend – Cam Newton Rookie of the Year?

Cam Newton Rookie Of The Year

I know that only about 6% of the NFL season is complete – but I am ready (as a fan) to give the rookie of the year award to Cam Newton.  Are you kidding me?  Did a rookie really just throw of 422 yards against a pretty good secondary?  Yes, I know he has Steve Smith and Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen and Armanti Edwards…. But Cam Newton is FOR REAL! So buy your Cam Newton Custom Koozies Now!

So, I was watching the game yesterday and what impressed me most was his ability to stay in the pocket, stay cool, and find the open man.  I would think that Cam Newton (a very fast QB) would get happy feet and try to make the play himself… But I was mistaken, matter of fact, I thought he should have actually left the pocket more often… This is hard to believe that a rookie QB who likes to run would have this problem. Panthers, you should be happy Andrew Luck staid in school.  I am not trying to give out awards just  yet – but all in all – you have a good one.  I am going to wait and see what Newton has in store for us next week against the defending Super Bowl Champs – but I was IMPRESSED.

OK – back to printing custom koozies.

Cam Newton wins some Koozies

Cam Newton wins some Koozies

Save energy wearing shorts and sandals, and your Coozie

Japan is a country in which the weather does not help the people. When is winter you need to turn on the heating, when is it summer you need turn the air condition because is too hot.

So, the government came up with a plan that they called “Supper Cool Biz”.

In which they have to arrive at work earlier, before the sun beats down. It’s telling them to eat icy desserts. But most notably, as if this were its own sort of after-shock, it’s asking them to wear sandals and shorts and Hawaiian shirts–to work!

To avoid nation-wide blackouts, it must reduce energy use by 15% this summer.

Here at OBC, we are helping the planet too… so we grab our coozies and you have to grab your coozie too.

Custom Coozie

Custom Uniforms and Custom Coozies


So yesterday I had a league softball game.  As everyone knows softball is about two things… drinking and drinking more… Did I mention that we normally do not play softball but rather stand around, drink a beer, throw something, hit something, possibly run… to the keg…

Well anyways last night we were playing a team known as the convicts – yep the convicts… and they had something I had never seen.  First off, they had a cool ass pin striped jersey – second off they had koozies that matched their jersey.  I was blown away, they were getting drubk, having fun, showing team unity and all doing so in style!

So after the game, I asked them where I could get my own custom coozie and they told me about the OBC.  I checked out the OBC and liked what I saw.  You could buy all types of koozies, short koozies, tall koozies, pretty koozies, ugly koozies… I mean they had everything you would need to protect your beer chill and keep it looking cool, all at the same time.

I since have had  a love love relationship with koozies, so much so that I have now been working at the OBC for the better part of two years.  I am now helping young koozie loving fans, like I was that day back when I first layed eyes on the convict, get their own custom koozies. So dont wait, buy your koozies today – call me, chat me, write me, love me! Rock on!!!

OBC Is Getting Better With Koozies Each Day!


So, you like change, well we do to at the OBC.  The OBC is constantly trying to get better and better each day of the week.  Every day our programmers are upping their knowledge of what are the new trends in the koozie world and are working to make these changes to our site.

At the OBC our site is our community and we like to keep it that way. Every member of the OBC is special and each customer needs to be treated as such. So come on in and check out the changes of the OBC today.  Are you looking to buy personalized koozies, well, you have come to the right place.  Each order is personalized and each person is cared for like the individual that they are. We are not some corporate beast that treats you like a number – nope – we are the real deal! We will treat you well – you deserve it!

Dog got a hold of my custom koozie

Dog got a hold of my custom koozie