Presenting: An Order Form

Koozie Central Blog Day 25:

Internet Comic

Hoorah!  This morning at 1am has officially launched its shiny, new order form!  Replacing the most recent 3rd version of the form, this 4th version promises functionality, a user-friendly feel and easy to read explanations of all charges, options, etc.  Clients are prompted on each page to contact customer support for any and all questions they have making the “security blanket” never far from their finger tips.  Here at we will guarantee that each and every customer is loved and taken care of in the best possible way and made to feel apart of our koozie family.

Personalized Koozies: A new ease of ordering

Some of the more exciting changes are:

1. The design options page:  Easy to read buttons are neatly organized in order of ascending costs.  Once an option is selected either more options will arise (i.e. in the case of a clipart selection) or clients will be prompted to head to the next step.

2. Delivery date:  A large beautiful calendar is available with easy to read numbers and a concise explanation of shipping costs.  Clients can click around and select the delivery date that best suits their needs.

3. Ship-to information:  It is now completely clear that this section is merely to be used to calculate shipping costs.  The summary at the top explains that you will not be prompted for payment information until after they have received an order summary.

Fantastic!  I have sent it to close friends and family for their review.  I’ve looked at it so many times, a fresh pair of eyes are certainly welcome!  Got a little time on your hands?  Check out the personalized koozies order form and let us know your feedback.

Order Form

Koozie Central Blog Day 24:

Computer Comic

Embarking on the venture to create a website that sells personalized product (i.e. personalized koozies), one can never even dream of the amount of time that is spent in choosing something so seemingly simple as a color scheme.  Hours and hours are spent agonizing over justification, available pages, order buttons and the placement of various links and objects.  I cannot even begin to explain the amount of changes we’ve already made to the site.

So our order form was started a little over a year ago.  We went from a basic ordering system with many glitches (where did people’s art go?!?).  This brought us to a order form with very well written code but aesthetically and basic user-friendliness slightly lacking.  A new age is born, the order form goes color and has various steps and pages involved.  Unfortunately, the pages are convoluted, the information is not consistent throughout the pages and various costs and amenities are not properly calculated.  This brings us to order form 4.0.  We are so incredibly very close!  It is supposed to be launched today but our FTP is doing a funky chicken dance.

I can think of another acronym for FTP that is not very polite and I’m so anxious to see it live!

Black and White

Koozie Central Blog Day 23:

Black and White Cats

Perhaps the most difficult part about setting up as an entrepreneur, even an online personalized koozie business, are the business relationships that are forged and formed.  It can be even more difficult if one of those relationships is based on and/or evolves into some type of friendship.  Here is where lines begin to blur and black and white becomes a muddled shade of grey.

Best thing to do is to create clear lines and expectations from the get go so that there is little to be unclear about.  Penalties set-up for all parties involved ensure that everyone stays on their toes and motivation is high to complete the tasks set ahead for each party involved.  Failing to set-up clear and concise definitions often leads to awkward and uncomfortable conversations that are more a result of lack of communication than anything else.

It can often be difficult to foresee what exactly you will even need to communicate to each other before the business has started but it’s best to lay it all out on the table and have a line of command for each and every one.  It’s certainly better to be over prepared rather than under-prepared.  When it comes to business it’s best to leave emotions out of the equation so there are no hurt feelings.  Black and white is a lot easier to understand than fuzzy grey.

Landing Pages

Koozie Central Blog Day 22:

Still on the move here in Denver, Colorado and temperatures have been record breaking lows.  One day I didn’t even leave our friend’s house the entire day!  -8 are you kidding me?  It is literally 100 degrees warmer in Panama.  My fingers are literally stiff as I type this!

On a warmer note, just received word that our new fancy personalized koozies order form is just days away from being completed!  Customers will now have various pay options, an easy to read order summary page as well as various other streamlined features that make the order process as a whole, much more user friendly!

Project number 2?  Optimizing our web page to cater to the needs and feedback we’ve received from clients and family members thus far.  We’ll be trying to focus more on a “boutique website” approach in order to convey our personalized cozy vibe.  While this is always how we’ve done business, we’d like our site to convey this to new clients.  During this web page optimization we will also be looking into landing pages to accommodate some new google adwords and wedding adwords campaigns.

Any and all ideas welcome :).  Check out and let us know what you think!


Koozie Central Blog Day 21:

I cannot tell you how often people ask me how I can possibly work, I mean seriously work in a climate like Panama.  The sun shines every day (especially during the summer months), the weather is warm, it’s tough to find a reason NOT to go to the pool or beach.  Funny enough, I never could come up with a concrete answer.  I always just kind of shrugged my shoulders and responded with the generic “Oh, you know… cause I like personalized koozies (huh?!?!!)”

Being in Denver in the middle of some record low temperatures and winter weather (schools are closed for goodness sake!), I now finally have my answer.  My crazy little body has, for some reason, had  difficult time adjusting to the time change.  I have consistently woken up at 8 am since arriving in Colorado about 4 days ago (6am local time).  This is ordinarily late for me, but as we’ve been “enjoying ourselves” quite a bit, this is totally on par.

The Glaring Reasons

6 am in Denver, CO looks like:

Dark – maybe the sun is starting to eek up, cold (yes, it LOOKS cold), scraping car windows, snow and/or slush, chilly bathroom tiles, cold fingers, many layers of clothes, packing a bag to go to the gym before work and traffic

6am in Panama City, Panama:

Sun has just risen, dew on the grass, bright sunshine, a cool 80 degrees, palm trees, going for a run along the bay, shorts and a t-shirt, walking to work no matter the time of year.