Working from Home

Koozie Central Blog day 2:  This would perhaps be a lovely time to inform you readers out there that while this may be labeled “day 2” it is more so that there is a consecutive way of seeing the posts.  It is not in actuality “day 2” but it is indeed day 2 of my post.  Suggestions for a better labeling system welcome.

Work From Home

On this wonderful day 2, I am overjoyed that my company has a flexible “work from wherever” policy.  Owning certainly has its perks as does the invention of the internet.  The blackberry has only sent me further spiraling into a hole of technology that I will never be able to crawl out of if the sun explodes, the satellites stop working and I’ll no longer be able to access the internet on a beach in between surf breaks while drinking a Corona.  Wait, wait, wait what am I saying????? I don’t surf.

I feel coldy, my nose is stopped up, my ears are stuffy and I wish it was colder so I could eat chicken soup without breaking into hot sweats… but alas, on this 92 degree bright sunny day, I find myself in bed with the flu and none too happy about it.  Until I realize, I don’t even have to beg a day off!  I can work from my bed!  Oh joy!  I’ve found the greatest secret in the world – I’m a busy little bee even if I am in a reclining position!

Working from home

A girl, A country and a Small Business

Koozie Central Blog: Day 1

This blog will now be focusing on the writer’s experiences of being an entrepreneur in a non-entrepreunurially loving economic climate… in a foreign country.

Panama City, Panama

The headquarters of koozie central.  2 years into being here in Panama my Panama City Skylinehusband, his close friend and I have decided to start an online business based out of Panama City, Panama.  Crazy to work with my husband you say, or crazy to live in Panama… either way, the general description of crazy seems to fit the general tone quite well.  But don’t you have to have an element of wackadoodle to be doing something like this? I love having my own business and every single aspect of it. Easy it is not, but rewarding it most certainly is.

Koozie Central Offices

A small extra third bedroom in a friend’s apartment.  We’re talking Sing-Sing small by the time all the boxes of koozies were lined up along the walls.  The window faces another building and has old-school glass slats.  Can’t see out the window except for the top right eighth if it’s a sunny day.  Too many koozie boxes.  Dog hair on the floor, two chairs, one broken and resting on a wood block.  The redkneck office – might as well put the fridge on the terrace and go the whole hog.  Back room, no a/c small fan with no cover.  I refuse to work past 2pm due to heat exhaustion.   Big, shiny beautiful computer :).  Worth spending money on the good things.  The shingle has been hung.

Our first fight

A discourse between the two men as to why woman couldn’t control their emotions and why they had to be so sensitive – “they” clearly being me and PB’s girlfriend (I shall code name him as Paul Bunyon).  I storm out.  To prove a point of course.  You don’t like my emotions, then work without me.  The walk-out lasts five minutes – they don’t know how to set up the email addresses.  Point One: me, men: 0.

Google changes and Qurans Burn

What next, cant make custom koozies?

So, I was scrolling through the news this morning and I stumble across a few interesting stories; google is making some changes and they plan on burning Qurans.  I can believe it, now I am just waiting on them to tell me, I can have my custom koozies, personalized koozies, cheap koozies, or can koozies made any more.

Seriously what are you thinking changing google, ever hear the expression, if it aint broke, dont fix it… I like google, matter of fact, I love google, lets leave it alone.


My pops always taught me, just because you can do something, doesnt me you should.  Yes, we have the first amendment right to burn the Quran.  Yes, I am sure they burn the flag, the bible, and whatever else; but that doesnt mean we should answer them with the same, amateur, hate filled, bull shit response.  All we are doing is giving the weak minded peps over there something to get angry about, and who will pay the price?  Our troops…

Guys, think twice act once…

Custom Quran and Custom Koozies

Custom Quran and Custom Koozies