Paging all Clintonites – the monster wedding this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY, was quite a secretive affair – no cameras were allowed, top security was present at all events (including Secret Service). Juicy details of the prenup supposedly include a $10 Million cheating clause, wherein the loving hubby must fork over the cash if he cheats on her (I want to know how they prove this!).

Apparently it was quite the classy affair, didn’t even give out koozies to the guests (clearly not my kind of party). Attendees were rumored to include Madeline Albright, Terry McAuliffe, Ted Danson, and Vera Wang (who designed the wedding dress), and oh yeah, Bill and Hillary. Apparently they even established a no-fly zone over the area!

You’ve got to wonder what it’s like to be Marc Mezvinksy, the Jewish boyfriend of the Ex First Daughter. He works at Goldman Sachs, that bastion of responsible capitalism, and is almost as famous as his dad Ed Mevinsky, convicted in a slew of fraudulent activities, including (this is my favorite) having a hand in Nigerian email frauds. Boy, what a winner. I wonder how ol’ Slick Willy will feel shaking his hand. Probably no cigar and brandy the night before.

I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of this couple, particularly if any of the fun triggers in the prenup go off. Boy wouldn’t the media just love that!

The lovely Couple